South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme


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Am I eligible for a subsidy?

The Scheme has been designed to ensure every household on the grid is eligible to purchase a subsidised home battery system.

However, South Australian Energy Concession Holders will be able to access a higher subsidy, further assisting low-income households to access the Scheme.

To claim the subsidy, an approved battery system needs to be installed by a System Provider who is qualified under the Scheme.

How much does a battery cost?

The cost of a home battery system varies depending on the size of the battery, and whether you need to purchase new or additional solar panels.

The subsidy is calculated on the kilowatt hour capacity of the battery, but it is capped at the same value for every household.

Low interest loans are available to assist households cover the purchase of the subsidised battery and new solar panels if they don’t already have them.

What is a home battery system?

A home battery system typically includes a battery and an inverter, paired with existing or new rooftop solar panels. Not all battery systems provide backup power.

The system works by storing excess generation from your solar panels ready for use at other times - such as during cloudy periods or when the sun goes down. By storing and using more of the energy generated by your solar system, your household can draw less energy from the grid, saving you money on your energy bill.

Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels

The subsidy is available to all South Australians, and calculated on the kilowatt hour capacity of the battery purchased. Furthermore, Energy Concession Holders are eligible for a higher subsidy, ensuring low-income households are supported to access the Scheme.

The subsidy will continue to be phased down as uptake of the Scheme increases.

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