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Commercial Solar Panels – FAQ’s!

July 22, 20154

Why choose solar panels? Commercial solar panels allow you to gain benefits from incentives schemes by the Australian government. You can help reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, while enjoying free electricity from sunrays. Yes, that’s true! And there are even more benefits to going solar!

Here are few facts about commercial solar panels:

What system size do you need?
The system size for your premises generally depends on the available roof space. It also depends on your budget, available funding options, and rate paid for available electricity etc. Look for a company that considers all such factors before offering you a complete investment analysis. In order to maximize the financial benefits, it is important to install a system that can meet your daily electricity usage.

Will you need batteries?
No. Solar panels or systems are connected to the utility grid. You do not have to worry about batteries, or the maintenance cost. You can even sell the excessive power generated to the grid at the a contracted rate. With recent developments in technology, it is believed that batteries and hybrid solar systems will soon become mainstream.

How are commercial solar panels helpful to the environment?
When you use solar power, you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. In Australia, power plants that pollute the environment are closed down, and renewable energy are increasingly used. In South Australia, you will notice changes within the business industry with the introduction of solar panels. In order to get clean renewable power, and ensure Australia’s clean energy future, it is important to invest in solar power.

How much does a commercial solar system cost?
It depends on the size of the system. You will also incur costs related to solar modules, inverters, cabling, hiring crane, installation cost etc. Solar experts associated with the company will analyze your power usage, and offer a solution accordingly.

Other factors that can determine cost include:
• Amount paid by business for power
• Government rebate eligibility criteria
• Adopted financing system

Are commercial solar panels beneficial to business?
Before investing in solar panels for your business, there are several important factors to consider. Search for a company that can carry out a detailed analysis based on your energy usage pattern, future business plans etc.

What is the procedure involved?
• Fill in online enquiry and receive consultation
• The solar company will review your power bills
• Site inspection will be carried out
• Proposal for installation will be given
• Contract finalized
• Process for government rebate application and network approval is carried out
• Installation process is conducted
• Operational plan is followed to maintain system performance level



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